Alita begins to remember more about her origins

In the junkyard slums of Iron City (which lays beneath the wealthy sky city of Zalem) our window to this world opens with Dr Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) discovering a disembodied female cyborg with a fully intact human brain. He rebuilds her and gives the teenage girl the name Alita.Unbeknown to him, Alita (an unrecognisable Rosa Salazar) is an extremely advanced cyborg who is suffering from memory loss.She sees the world with wide-eyed wonder and soon befriends street-wise Hugo (James Keenan), who shows her the ropes (and introduces her to chocolate, of course).With every step she takes, Alita begins to remember more about her origins – and it soon becomes clear that she’s an expert in a long-lost cyborg martial art.Ido acts as her father figure and bids to keep her out of trouble, but Alita is naturally drawn towards it.Over the course of the film, she goes through enough to cover an entire trilogy of films, with the story using material from the first four volumes of the manga Battle Angel Alita.