Belkin Boost-Up wireless charging pad: Tangle-free charging for smartphones

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Pick up any flagship phone these days, and it features wireless charging. But there’s a catch: Almost no phone manufacturer bundles in a wireless charger. Thus, the customer, after paying big bucks for a phone with myriad features is often unable to use one of the most-touted ones.

A quick search on any shopping site reveals a wide range of wireless chargers, more specifically those which adhere to the Qi charging format. But most are from unknown Chinese manufacturers, and thus, there’s no guarantee about what they would turn out to be.

Thankfully, accessories major has a solution. The Boost-up Wireless Charging Pad (Rs 2,999) is compatible with most modern smartphones. I used it with the and the

Initially, I faced a problem. The iPhone X had absolutely no charge, so I was apprehensive about whether I had placed it properly. Thankfully, there’s a green LED that lights up once the phone is aligned right. The charger comes in black and white, so you could match it with your phone’s colour. But, while there’s a microUSB cable in the pack, there’s no AC adapter.

The charger works well and the non-slip surface helps, especially if you have to use it in a moving vehicle. Also, once I got used to using this pad, I felt free from untangling the wires of ordinary chargers, especially if you carry multiple ones. But bear in mind that it takes way longer to charge on a pad than while using the charger, especially if you’re used to newer fast-charging technologies.