Detel D1 Dezire: Affordable feature phone with FM Alarm, Bluetooth dialler

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Detel, a home-grown brand known for affordable feature phones, recently launched the Dezire D1 with feature at Rs 1,099. Apart from being a feature phone, the phone also doubles up as an extension of smartphone. It pairs up with any smartphone using the in-build Bluetooth dialler feature, therefore redirects phone calls, messages and music playback from smartphone to This feature, in particular, helps users to save their smartphone's battery without compromising on the basic utilities.

As for the features, the phone sports a 2.8-inch LCD screen, dual-SIM slot, SOS call function, blacklist, wireless FM with and a sound recorder. The feature allows phone to play FM radio automatically, instead of ringtone, as an alarm. Other features include calculator, e-book reader and the power saving mode.

Business Standard reviewed the on several parameters to test its overall performance. Here are the observations:


The phone is powered by a 1,500 mAh battery with power saving mode, which allows prolonged battery life. The phone keeps working for about a week without charging, when kept for attending just call and messages.

Bluetooth dialler

The Bluetooth dialler is one of the key features of the phone. It allows smartphone users to use this phone as an extension to their smartphones, therefore helps them save their smartphone battery. The music playback via the paired Bluetooth is not bad with earphones but the loudspeaker output is low.

Other features

can save up to 500 s and 100 SMS. It comes with 16GB of internal storage, which is expandable via a microSD slot. The phone comes with good accessibility features such as a calculator, e-book reader and games like Tetris and Snake. The phone also supported up to 23 of Indian regional languages.


Apart from being a feature phone, the Detel Dezire D1 also doubles up as an extension of smartphone to perform at least some basic tasks. Therefore, the phone caters to either users who seek to have a phone loaded with features or smartphone users who want to have an affordable extension to perform basic tasks while saving on their smartphone’s battery.