Giuliani: Firing Mueller Would ‘Play‘ Into Critics‘ Hands

President Donald Trump won’t fire anyone to force an end to the Russia investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller because it would be “playing” into critics’ hands, according to the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Giuliani blasted the FBI forto talk to people on the Trump campaign about alleged Russian s.

“The president is not going to fire [Mueller] because that would be the playing into the hands of playing the victim,” he said, charging it’s the FBI that has “committed the crimes.”

“We sure as heck are not going to testify [to Mueller] unless it's all straightened out, unless we learned the basis of that Russian investigation,” he said.

Pressed on whether it’s wrong that the FBI was trying to figure out what Russia was up to, Giuliani responded “nothing wrong with the government doing that.”

“Everything wrong with the government spying on a candidate of the opposition party. That's a Watergate, Spygate,” he said. “And without any warning to him and now, to compound that, to make it into a criminal investigation, that's why this is a rigged investigation.”