Hayden: Kim ‘Very Prepared,‘ Not Sure About Trump

North Korea’s president Kim Jong Un is “very, very prepared” for any summit, and it isn’t clear President Donald Trump has matched that readiness, former director of the National Security Agency and head of the CIA Michael Hayden said Sunday.

In an interview on ABC News’ the retired Air Force four-star general said the North Koreans “are not going to get rid of all their nuclear weapons.”

“And if President Trump's brand, and that's the right word here, going into this meeting demands something like that, this is going to end up in a very bad place.”

“The president… in his letter, talks about the one-on-one conversation as being the key” to their meeting, Hayden added. “I know one of the ones is going to be very, very prepared. Kim Jong Un knows his program inside and out. I think he knows what he can concede and what it means and what he cannot concede.

“I don't know that the president has done the kind of homework that would allow him to do this. Hence, my hope, the high water mark, is that they stay at the level of principles, they talk about denuclearization, allow each side to kind of cower within the ambiguity of denuclearization. And then, seriously, begin a process that makes the peninsula less dangerous than it is today.”