McConnell: ‘Realistic Assessment‘ Senate Landscape in Play

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during a wide-ranging interview said he wasn’t concerned about being criticized for a Narcos-inspired tweet aimed at Don Blankenship following Blankenship’s loss in the West Virginia primary, and that there was a “realistic assessment” that the Senate landscape was in play.

“It’s very much in play. If you look at history, it’s pretty clear that two years into any new administration is dicey territory for the party of the president. I don’t think this year will be any different. The wind is going to be in our face,” McConnell said. “We have three vulnerabilities: Arizona, Nevada and Tennessee.”

McConnell’s popularity is waning among several conservative outsiders challenging establishment-backed candidates in several primaries because they feel as though he’s interfering with elections to stop them from being successful, , but the senator from Kentucky doesn’t care much.

Take his McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund pouring $1.3 million to stop Blankenship from winning the nomination.

Blankenship at one point called McConnell “Cocaine Mitch” in a campaign ad referring to accusations that a ship owned by the company of McConnell’s father-in-law was used to carry 90 pounds of cocaine, and McConnell’s campaign account tweeted a photo of McConnell surrounded by white powder with the comment, “Thanks for playing, Don,” after Blankenship finished third.

“I enjoyed it, actually,” McConnell told Politico of the tweet. “It sorta softened my image, don’t you think?”