New Twitter prank tries to figure out #WhereIsMelania

The whispers became murmurs and then a buzz and now it‘s a downright concern: where, oh, where is First Lady Melania Trump? We know that Melania related to her kidneys a few weeks ago, something that obviously requires rest and relaxation for recovery. But that was almost three weeks ago and the First Lady hasn‘t been seen in public since, […]

Best friends crash a date wearing hilarious disguises

Online dating can be a pretty hit or miss experience — can you really trust a total stranger that you met on an app? Sometimes it‘s good to bring some friends as backup if the date turns sour. Sometimes good friends show up regardless of whether or not you asked. When Twitter user went on a date with someone she […]

23andMe DNA kits are 30% off again, just in time for Father‘s Day

Whether your dad‘s a huge family man or the hardest person ever to shop for, we have a one-size-fits-all gift idea that‘s perfect for procrastinators. just in time for Father‘s Day, and are available for free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime. (The outcome is guaranteed to be interesting, so this is a gift even the most mysterious dads will enjoy.) […]

PSA for big file sharers and movie downloaders: These are the best VPNs for torrenting

File sharing has come a long way since Napster — but users of torrenting sites may still have security and privacy fears. This is where VPNs — which encrypt data leaving your computer and make it impossible for others to see what you’re downloading — come in handy. To the uninitiated, these virtual private networks assign a virtual IP address […]

News that Facebook killed ‘Trending‘ is…trending

It‘s a full circle moment for all of us. On Friday, that it was killing its embattled “Trending” news section.  Then, mere *hours* later, the tolling of the death knell received an appropriate tribute: the news started Trending on Facebook, in the trending section itself. *LE SIGH* R.I.P. Image: screenshot: rachel kraus/facebook Facebook said in a statement that it was […]

The best doughnuts in America, according to our dough-loving staff

Though the humble doughnut is trendy enough to have its own psuedo-holiday (happy National Doughnut Day, world!), the beauty of fried dough is its simplicity. Whether you‘re browsing the cooling racks at a high-end shop or wandering the supermarket aisle in search of Entenmann‘s, you‘ll be pleased with what you walk out with, either way. But while all doughnuts are […]

Walmart is having a massive sale on above ground pools and portable hot tubs

It‘s the first day of June, AKA the month that summer officially starts, AKA the day stores are about to go HAM on summer gear sales. with a sale that has us itching to get outside, marking down a *ton* of above ground pools and portable hot tubs. There are the heavy duty kind with metal frames that take some […]