‘No complaint received‘: Pak rejects charge of ill-treating US diplomats

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Pakistan has rejected US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's accusation that American diplomats were treated badly by authorities in Islamabad, saying it has not received any specific complaint about it.   

During a briefing to US lawmakers, Pompeo had raised concerns over the "bad treatment" meted out to US diplomats in Pakistan.   

Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Mohammad Faisal told the media on Friday that it had not received any specific complaints from the US side after the establishment of the mechanism to resolve the issue on the treatment of US diplomats in Pakistan.  

"Diplomats hailing from all countries enjoy diplomatic privileges alike and are provided every possible support as per laws and norms as well as reciprocity," he said.

Talking about the reduction in the annual US assistance to Pakistan, Faisal said that the US had suspended the security-related assistance to Pakistan earlier this year, including the CSF (coalition support fund) reimbursements.

"We believe, and the fact has been frequently acknowledged by the US officials also, that the security-related assistance served the mutual interest of stability in the region," he said.