Norihito Sumitomo Ogura themes usually accompany scenes

Watch Dragon Ball Super Broly Online  The art, of which Kazuo Ogura was responsible, is heterogeneous and the changes of animator are very evident. However, this allows you to give each of them the credit they deserve. If before we mentioned that the most spectacular fight of the tape is Vegeta vs. Broly, this has an explanation: Yuya Takahashi. The traces, shades and colors of the Japanese animator in this film are great.Another highlight of the film is the music, directed by Norihito Sumitomo. The themes usually accompany scenes correctly and give more dramatic emotional moments or joy to funny scenes. The battles are enlivened with strong and fast themes that mix very well with the sound of the blows and the explosions of power. And get ready, because the volume will be very high almost in all 100 minutes of duration.