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Need a VPN? Get 3 years of PureVPN for $69 (that‘s 82% off and just $1.91 per month).

VPNs are all up in the hot gossip right now. Regardless of wheather you‘re a VPN newbie or a seasoned pro, you have one thing in common: You‘re all for being private on the internet, but aren‘t trying to go broke. A solution: The beloved (and by big, we mean a whopping 82% off.) A three-year subscription is just $69, […]

It looks like a classic watch, but it‘s got Alexa onboard — and it‘s on sale

The best kind of smartwatch is one that isn’t trying to loudly, proudly scream, “I’m a smartwatch!” to the entire world. Instead, a smartwatch should appear no different than any other timepiece in your collection, and its smart features should be subtly integrated so they don’t interfere with personal style.  That’s what makes the  unique. Despite its otherworldly name, it sports […]

Samantha Bee has always been Trump‘s toughest critic. She just never got the credit.

On Thursday, caught the attention of far too many people when she called the president‘s daughter Ivanka a “feckless cunt.” On Friday, she earned a tweet from our “First Amendment” president too, who called for the show‘s . Frankly, this is one of the nicer things Sam Bee has said about the Trump administration. And American culture is all the […]

Lyft wants a piece of bike sharing, just like Uber

The company behind some major bike-share programs in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago is reportedly close to an acquisition from ride-hailing app Lyft. A report in Friday says Lyft is closing in on a $250-million deal to buy , the bike-sharing company that runs Ford GoBike in San Francisco and Citi Bike in New York. They are […]

The NRA tried to co-opt anti-gun violence #WearOrange movement, and it backfired

No, this is not a repeat: The NRA has gone and done something stupid on social media.  Friday marked the start of annual “” campaign to fight gun violence. A huge mixture of and jumped on board, many sparked by recent school shootings in and (just to , sadly). But that bull in the china shop you hear is the […]

New Twitter prank tries to figure out #WhereIsMelania

The whispers became murmurs and then a buzz and now it‘s a downright concern: where, oh, where is First Lady Melania Trump? We know that Melania related to her kidneys a few weeks ago, something that obviously requires rest and relaxation for recovery. But that was almost three weeks ago and the First Lady hasn‘t been seen in public since, […]

Best friends crash a date wearing hilarious disguises

Online dating can be a pretty hit or miss experience — can you really trust a total stranger that you met on an app? Sometimes it‘s good to bring some friends as backup if the date turns sour. Sometimes good friends show up regardless of whether or not you asked. When Twitter user went on a date with someone she […]