Saiyajin star.Although it maintains the essence of the original character

Watch Dragon Ball Super Broly Online Everything goes through Frieza. The “Emperor of Evil” is the guiding thread in the film and it can not be understood without it, both in the events of the past and the present. His obsession to end with Goku and some of his personal complexes make him join Broly and his father, Paragus, who pursue a goal that changes a bit what we have seen in Dragon Ball for 30 years: For the first time we can say that, in this time, it’s not about Goku.As the title of the film indicates, this installment talks about Broly and focuses on him, but Vegeta is also an important part of it, as much or more than the protagonist himself. In fact, the most spectacular fight visually, is the one that these two saiyajin star.Although it maintains the essence of the original character we met in the 90s, the new version of Broly is much better in both design and content. Despite the fact that the voice actor, Ricardo Brust, pointed out that “they were almost six hours screaming” while recording the voice of the legendary Saiyan, this Broly does not only shout and pronounce the name “Kakaroto” every five minutes. On the contrary, we can witness dialogues that show him as an innocent man who has been educated in a way that may seem wrong to many. This Broly is able to make friends and even have a special connection with a character whose goal in the whole plot, is to protect it and no one will damage it.