Santa Fe Students Return to School for First Time Since Shooting

Students at Santa Fe High School in Texas are set to come back to school Tuesday for the first time since a gunman killed 10 people and injured 13, reported.

The students who were in the fine arts wing when the gunman opened fire will be the first to return Tuesday, and those students will be offered special counseling, principal Rachel Blundell wrote in a letter to students and parents, the report said.

Two hours after the students from the fine arts wing arrive, all students will attend a general assembly that honors those who were killed.

Only one entrance and exit to the school will be open, and walls have been built to close off classrooms that were affected by the shooting, the report said.

Grades at the school were finalized May 17, one day before the shootings. Teachers have dropped any assignments that were not finished or incomplete, and will offer chances for students to earn extra credit over the summer, USA Today reported.

"We are mourning together and we are healing together,” said Annabelle O'Day, a Santa Fe High senior who is one of the founders of Hearts United, a nonprofit to help victims and their families, the report said.

"It's just a movement of showing and spreading kindness and love to each other, and raising awareness for mental health,” said Kaitlyn Richards, another Hearts United founder.

, 17, was charged with capital murder in the shootings. He confessed to the killings after he was taken into custody.