School Won‘t Let Student Wear Army Sash to Graduation

A high school senior, who has already enlisted in the Army and will attend boot camp in August, can't wear an Army sash at graduation because her school won't allow it.

Toni Kress will graduate from Central Valley High School in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, on June 1. She told " on Tuesday morning that she won't wear the sash during the ceremony after the school said it doesn't match its official colors.

Kress said people dug into the school's handbook and did not find anything that would prevent a graduating senior from wearing something that would contrast with school colors.

"There's nothing in the handbook that says that I'm not allowed to wear it," she said, noting that she'll ultimately abide by what the school asks her to do.

"People are saying I'm going to be a rule-breaker and stuff like that, but I have no intention of doing that at all. If the school says that I'm not allowed to wear it, I'm not gonna wear it," she said. "I'm not gonna disrespect the school like that. But if I do have a chance, off stage when I can wear it, I'm gonna wear it."

Kress' father, Wayne, said his daughter has a good head on her shoulders and that he's proud of her, along with his two other kids who are already in the Army.

"I'm disappointed. She worked hard for this, she went through the ROTC program through the school," he said. "In today's world, where we have kids out there eating Tide Pods, she's willing to stand up and fight for her country."

In Oregon, meanwhile, a student suspended for wearing a t-shirt connected to President Donald Trump is over claims that his First Amendment rights were violated.