watch venom 2018 free After the arrival of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly [VIDEO],” fans were waiting for an announcement about the possible return of a new animated TV series linked to “DBS.” A lot has been said about the potential title, but until now, no official announcement had been made, despite everyone waiting for some news at Jump Festa.However, more news about a new season of DBS arrived recently. According to a YouTuber, Anime Ajay, an unknown animator admitted that “Dragon Ball Super” is currently being worked on. In the tweet you can see below, Anime Ajay claims to have spoken with a certain animator, whose name he prefers not to mention, who works for the company “with the triangle logo,” — a clear reference to the Toei logo.Well, the animator says that there have been many questions about “DBS,” but at this point of time, it is dependent on the animated sector and he can not say anything else. Ajay also asked if some leaked information has arrived, from overseas or from Japan, and whether he could even talk about it. The animator reportedly said it is no longer a question of “if” — but “when” that a new production of watch Dragon Ball Super movie free is coming. He also said that there is no official information because Toei is waiting for the right time to reveal the news.Meanwhile, even in the absence of the TV series, the story continues with the latest feature film that recently arrived in Japanese cinemas, “Broly.” The film will canonically integrate the characters of Broly and Gogeta [VIDEO] into the Dragon Ball universe. The film will debut soon in the United States.As most spoiler-hungry fans know, the official “Dragon Ball Super” manga has officially entered an unprecedented narrative arc set after the Tournament of Power, thus introducing a handful of unpublished characters. Among these, the new antagonist looks to be the oldest “villain” among the beings born in the Seventh Universe.As explained by the members of the Galactic Patrol, the mysterious alien who responds to the name of Moro is now several million years old, as its first appearance occurred 10 million years before the events narrated in “DBS.”we notified you how the Japanese anime fantasy martial arts movie earned a gargantuan amount of 2 billion yen (approx. USD 18.1 million) after 11 days at the box office in Japan.