Trump Honors Fallen Soldiers, Arlington in Memorial Day Video

President Donald Trump, early on Memorial Day, honored the nation's fallen soldiers as heroes , while remembering a young boy he'd met at Arlington National Cemetery last year.

"On this Memorial Day, I know that everyone is remembering the fallen soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for our country. It's a country we all love," Trump said in his minute-long Twitter video, which shows scenes from the national cemetery, and of himself speaking with the boy, Christian Jacobs, who was at the cemetery dressed in a full Marines dress uniform.

"Last year at Arlington Cemetery, I met a young boy named Christian Jacobs," Trump continues. "He was special. He was standing fully in a uniform. His father was a great man to him. and he was a great man to me. And Christian was standing over his father's grave saluting. It was something I'll never forget."

The president followed up with a second Memorial Day greeting:

The president lauded Arlington as "a special place, and our country is a special place."

"As Americans we come together to remember our great heroes on this Memorial Day," he concluded.