It’s been great to see the resurgence of Dragon Ball Z over the last few years. From new animated films (that actually fit into the canon), the ongoing series Dragon Ball Super, along with some impressive new games…it’s been a great time for fans. This month, the newest feature length film hits our shores, bringing with it the return of an iconic villain: Broly. The new movie divides its time between a couple timelines, but the bulk of the primary story is set after the events of Dragon Ball Super’s current run. It shows Goku and Vegeta still working hard to improve themselves despite conquering every foe they’ve encountered ( it’s a point even the other characters bring up early on). I was a little concerned about being able to follow the story along because I haven’t been able to keep up with Dragon Ball Super like I’ve wanted to.I’ve missed out on most of the latter storylines and was worried about getting lost. If you’re in a similar boat, there’s thankfully not much to worry about. watch Escape Room 2018 movie full free While there are references to some events in the Super series, for the most part Broly tells its own story and can be easily enjoyed without having seen all the episodes. At most, I’d say you definitely need to watch the previous two films (Battle of Gods and Resurrection F) just to be more familiar with some of the characters you may not know. More than just this, however, the story gives Broly an entirely new origin and the first act of the movie takes place in the past, before the planet Vegeta is destroyed by Frieza. There’s some recreations of events we’ve seen explored before, but the new angles/twists on them make them feel fresh. Personally, I enjoyed getting the chance to see Goku’s birth mother, as well as a more engaging take on Broly.Cumber proved to be a very powerful foe for Goku, but once Ultra Instinct kicked in, Goku made quick work of him.So what next for Super Dragon Ball Heroes? It appears that in the next episode, we’ll be treated to some more fan-service fights. We will see Kelfa return in the next episode, which is always fun to watch. If you guys have watched the preview already, you probably know that Kefla will be fighting against Zamasu.Zamasu has returned in Dragon Ball Heroes, and it seems he’s way stronger than before since he is tanking hits from Kefla with relative ease. It seems like Kefla is in for a tough fight. Zamasu also looks pretty weird. He a strange costume on and I don’t know why that is. Aside from those, we will also be seeing Broly in the upcoming Dragon Ball Heroes episode.